Alpha Dog Beds has a range of sister sites out there in the world wide web, catering for all your pet & horse needs. The list below contains all our sister sites, as well as a few other websites and businesses we can personally recommend:

  • Alpha Dog Beds

    We sell a range of high quality Australian made dog beds and pet beds online. Check out for more info or to place an order on the perfect dog bed today.

  • Alpha Dog Coats

    We also sell hand made, Australian made, dog coats, jackets and other clothing. The Alpha Dog Coats website has all the fashion items your pooch could ever need! is the place to go to see for yourself!

  • Tuff Horse Rugs

    Tuff Horse Rugs is quickly becoming a favourite brand of horse rugs in Australia. With a sleek design and quality craftsmanship, it’s not hard to see why, either. Visit to see photos and details and to order online.

  • Forbes Lucerne

    Forbes Lucerne is Victoria’s first (and only) online hay supplier. Choose your hay, get an instant delivery quote, order online and they’ll deliver to your door, and even stack your hay in the shed for you. It’s that easy. They have a range of hay for sale, and it’s all top-notch, with guaranteed quality, and competitively priced. What more could you ask for?

  • DAS Electrics

    Derek van Rijn is a reliable electrical contractor in the Naracoorte area, South Australia. Contact details are on the website for an obligation-free quote from Derek, the Naracoorte Electrician.

  • Vic Horse Breaking

    If you need a horse broken in, or trained up for any discipline, you need to talk to Todd Edwards from Vic Horse Breaking. Todd has over 25 years of professional horsemanship, and is a high level competitor in various equestrian disciplines as well. Vic Horse Breaking offers all manner of horse breaking & training services, as well as horse riding lessons and clinics.